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  • EstablishmentOur office because of Chiayi was promoted as the administrative division of city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and adjusted in the 71st year of the Republic of China, separated by the land office of Chiayi city, and the land office of Shueishang was established on July 1, the 71st year of the Republic of China, and borrow the Shueishang township the third floor administration office in Chiayi county temporarily to handle official business, because the official environment was narrow, it is unable to promote that business work increases the quality of Shueishang land office    

    serving day by day, thus, through the higher authorities leader obtain subsidize and county fund amount to 28 million dollar from the previous Taiwan provincial government actively in the 80th year of the Republic of China, select the location near the first line, Chiapu road of Shueishang township, it is a quite convenient traffic for the people to contact with the business, adjoining with parking .

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